Lucky Me! – Bevrijdingsdag in Zwolle

Hey, who would have guessed?? It just so happens that the second biggest party in Holland happens the weekend after Queen’s Day and it happens in Zwolle, where I took the train to see my Dad! It’s called Bevrijdingsdag, or Liberation Day. It’s a celebration of the Canadians and the US kicking the Germans out of The Netherlands in World War II. Here’s a link to the Bevrijdingsdag Festival website.

A photo of my dad and me:


So I drank quite a bit again and met some crazy Dutch guys Marcel and Jaap. These guys’ specialty, apparently, was running on stages with the performing artists. So we took a couple practice runs, one on the techno stage and one on the main stage in the afternoon. For our grand finale we ran on stage with the biggest band in Holland, the headlining band De Dijk! You can hear the crowd go crazy when we jumped on stage.


One response to “Lucky Me! – Bevrijdingsdag in Zwolle

  1. how are the jails in Zwolle?

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