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Split Again

Well, this is really crappy. The postal service didn’t send my computer to Bol because they think I owe them some money, so I had to go back to Split for another 3 days. But I met a group of fun Swedes so it turned out alright.


Windsurfing in Bol

Still stuck in Bol waiting for my computer, I did some windsurfing.


I had to come back to Bol because my computer broke a couple weeks ago in Zagreb and my friend sent a replacement here. On my first night back I listened to a wonderful acapella group who just set up their sound equipment in the main square.


I took a small boat from Bol to Hvar, and stayed only one night, Wednesday, July 4th. Remembering the date I got homesick for Hermosa. But luckily I met and had dinner with some Canadians who were more my speed than the revelers I had met on Bol. (Of course, the Canadians couldn’t completely sympathize with me though. ;-)

And I stayed the night at the pension of a local celebrity. This old man fishes with only a fishing line off the harbor walls – he used to just use his hands – and travel channels take, what he calls unauthorized, video of him and his dog.



I hung out in Bol for 3 days, which is actually a bit long for a town this small, but they do have a bar with some flare.

The Gaga Bar and Belgian Girls

I met who I thought were some very cool and beautiful Belgian girls who I made plans with to see the next night. I told them it would be best if they gave me their phone number in case anything untoward happened. Aurelie asked, “You don’t believe me?” I said, “Yes”, and actually extended my stay in Split for her, but she stood me up. Very poor showing on her part… Oh, well, easy come, easy go.


Krka National Park

I stopped by Krka National Park on my way from Zagreb to Split.