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Last Night in Cannes

It was kind of sad leaving Cannes so I had to turn it out! Remember this dancer from the VIP last Sunday night? If you liked her there then see if she shows up in this next video…



Finally! I’ve got time to let you know what’s going on!

I want to thank everyone who’s looking forward to following this trip. It’s taken me a while to catch my breath – and you’ll see why. I’m going to backpost (as if I was writing as it was happening) all the craziness that’s happened so far. While the Bullrun finished over a week ago, my road trip is just beginning – and is going to take me far further. I hope you have a good time watching the videos and reading what’s happened. And if you know someone in the cities that I’ll be visiting be sure to let me know!

Hotel du Cap

Scott left on Monday morning, and Christian and Kevin left on Tuesday morning. So I called up some more friends, Jason and Neil, who I hadn’t met yet, and we took off to the Hotel du Cap to hang out in the cabana of some bigwig producer.


Cruising to Hotel du Cap with Jason and Neil.

Buying a bathing suit from Anna.

Swimming with the jellyfish and maybe Laura.

DB9 – No Substitute for Porsche

This guy’s DB9 broke down, and the police started giving him a hard time.

Saturday, Sunday, and Sandy

My friends couldn’t hang on Saturday night. They wimped out, but I continued the full court press. Lucky for me because I met Sandy, the coolest girl so far on this adventure. I met her at the Loft, a small uninspiring club above the cool, plush restaurant Tantra.

Sandy left on Sunday to go back to her home in Brussels, but we squeezed in a dinner before that.



After that dinner I had planned to have another dinner with my friends at Baoli, but the electricity in that half of Cannes cut out for about an hour so we had to drink instead. Cleo, send me an email to say hi when you get a chance.

Jamming all the way to Cannes

Just arrived in Cannes today and met up with my friends, Christian, Kevin, and Scott. Scott is the president of the production company Redwood Palms Pictures, so he got us into a couple cool parties, Blonde and Blonder being one of them.

Hey, if you know the title and artist of the beat playing in my car let me know.

And here’s a clip of the Blonde and Blonder party at Nikki Beach in the Carlton Hotel.