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Paradise and Super Paradise on Mykonos

The next day, Wednesday, I scooted to Paradise with Kelly and Loree. Filisia joined us a little later and she and I went to Super Paradise to check it out. She explains a little more about the previous night here. :-D

The bartender at the end of the video is Constantine (sp?) – one of the coolest bartenders on this trip so far.


Dinner with Filisia

Kelly, Loree, and I planned to have dinner together the evening after we got back from Psarou Beach, so I asked one of the girls who worked at the reception desk of Cavo Tagoo to join us. Well, Filisia said yes, but Kelly and Loree flaked out so it was just the two of us. Filisia received quite a few calls throughout dinner (20 or so), and she let me know it was her boyfriend. But she didn’t answer the phone because she said he wouldn’t understand.

After dinner we took a little walk through town looking for some crazy local liquor. As we were walking through one of the alleys we saw her boyfriend who was desperately looking for her, but he was so angry he didn’t even see us!!

Kelly, Loree, Psarou Beach, and Chrissy

The day after I arrived in Mykonos my friend Kelly and his girlfriend Loree showed up. I met them at their hotel, the Cavo Tagoo (where we of course ended up later), and we took scooters out to Psarou Beach. I went for a little swim there and met someone quite refreshing…

If you want to see another video of Chrissy, check out her solo performance next: