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18 responses to “Contact

  1. Gabriel Diamond Regus

    Well well well, look what we have here. Why it isn’t Mr. I Roel the world.
    You’re the man. Let me know if there is any help you could use along the way.

  2. Brandon Lane

    when;s the next live video feed, I want to see The Roel World!

  3. So where are you now, Roel? Whassappening.

  4. Wow! This is’s your ego? Need some attention. Wow..shocking how much of a geek you are.

  5. Brandon, I had to do without the live video feeds. The technology just isn’t up to snuff yet. I know we did it in the US, but with the lag in network connections from here the applications just die out.

    no name, are you referring to the front page copy? Yeah, I know, we kind of “Maxim”ized it when we were looking for a magazine deal. I changed a few words so it doesn’t sound as silly as it did. If you’re referring to the banner photo, yeah, I like it.. I took it in Serbia and was lovin’ it! ;-) And, yes, I’m a nerd from way back.

  6. Hey Roel,

    You are living large man! Keep up the posting. Let me know when you are getting close to Stockholm — I can hook you up with some people there. Peace. Bill

  7. Roel, check your email at concerning insurance premium. Dad

  8. Where are your statue poser pictures? Keep the tradition alive!

  9. Hey Roel. This is the best site ever! Veaney turned me onto it yesterday. What a great concept. I’m doing something similar for a trip to Spain, Portugal and Dublin, that we’re doing in September.

    If you need some ideas for Italy or Croatia let me know. I’ll be checking out your site daily and tell all my friends to tune in as well.

    Great job on the blog and the

  10. hey roel,

    i love the site. i don’t see any statue poser shots though… you need to get some new ones, something that beats what we got in Prague. anyway, we’re going to thailand in december for a couple of weeks if you wanna come. feel free to bring along any euro hotties you find running around. try not to kill yourself by accident

  11. I take it you’re no longer in Rome, but in order for your fans not to worry, you have to give a sign of life once in a while, so they know that someone has not murdered you for your Porche. I’ll be gone for the weekend. Back on Monday.

  12. Sjoerd - Saxy Mr S

    Hey buddy,

    Dude this rocks! I am falling from my chair laughing about the stupid shit we did in Amsterdam. I am kinda disappointed though you did not put me on there playing. I’d like to think it gets me gigs….


    X Sjoerd

  13. David Rozenblatt

    Roeler of the World!

    How do I get access to the special vides….everyone back home is talking about it…..I feel left out…..

    Send me the password you pimp!

  14. David, you’re gonna start a riot!

  15. hey this is chris here that u took a video of at the smugglers inn at bushmills!! never realised that the video wud be on youtube!! lol a mate that works with me ther told me bout it 2day and it took me a minute to realise wot he was on about!! im famous now!!

  16. Roel,

    How could you miss out on my city? Alright so I see a trip through South America in your future.


  17. Hey Roel,

    Let me start of by saying that you’re a rockstar for having done this.

    Me and a bunch of my boys are planning a trip to Serbia. Bottom line we’re looking to party. The idea spawned from the fact that all my Serbian girlfriends are model like pretty. So we figured why not go see what the country has to offer.

    Any advice? Is there a better place to party in the E.EU? Good names in Belgrade?

    Thanks and keep up the good work


  18. sam, south korea

    Mr. Roeler of the World! fantastic

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