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Hotel Malda

I saw Lidia out Wednesday night at Mondo and said hi, but got a very cold response – don’t know what happened there. So I moved on to Bikini but didn’t stay long – not quite exclusive enough – a bit too much hoi poloi.

I left Barcelona today. I had to stay in four different hotels in Barcelona because of the F1 races. It was absolutely jammed. I got a short video for you of the last one I stayed in – by far the coolest – Hotel Malda. It’s just off Las Ramblas – most likely where you’d want to be staying if you went to Barcelona.


Buda Bar and City Hall in Barcelona

Last night, Wednesday, I hit up Buda Bar and City Hall.



Lidia the Russian Ballet Dancer

Two nights ago, Friday night, I tried finding a decent club or bar and failed spectacularly. I ended up at Luz de Gas and Razzmatazz, the first of which I left in a hurry and the second of which I couldn’t even bring myself to enter.

Russian’s are known for their ballet dancers, right? Well, I met one on the beach on Saturday. We had a good time. She let me in on all the good clubs and bars and on what nights they’re good. Saturday night she recommends Pacha or Choko. Tuesday it’s Buda Bar til 2 followed by City Hall. Wednesday is Mondo til 1 or 2 followed by Bikini. On Sunday we checked out Gaudi’s Guell Park.


Arrived in Barcelona in One Piece

I drove from Paris to Barcelona today – hit 200 mph (320 kph) on the way.

Jamming to Barcelona

Finally on the road… to Barcelona… with the Porsche. Drove from Zwolle to Amsterdam to Paris today. The first hotel I stopped at was a bit spooky so I took off to another one.