Best Of

Best Of Europe

Category Winner Second Place Third Place
Most impressive city Roma
Best parties Belgrade Stockholm Roma
Most beautiful girls Serbia/Croatia Stockholm Roma
Best food Belgrade Budapest France
Friendliest people Irish Former Yugoslavia
Best roads France Germany
Fastest drivers Belgium Germany
Best techno radio Belgium Poland
Most expensive city Oslo London
Cheapest city Sarajevo Dubrovnik
Most impressive castle Dubrovnik Caernarfon
Coolest proprietors Lion Pansion Villa San
Most beautiful old arch. Vienna Prague
Most beautiful new arch. Berlin
Greenest landscape Ireland N. Italy/Switz.
Most clubs per sq. in. Krakow
Most fairy-tale-like Herceg Novi

Worst Of Europe

Category Winner Second Place Third Place
Worst Roads Bosnia Serbia
Most exhaust-polluted air Herceg Novi Roma Belgrade
Most oppressive state UK
Most war torn city Sarajevo

2 responses to “Best Of

  1. Ohmygosh… this is nuts. When I got your text, I was prepared to see an invite for one of those crazy South Bay theme parties, but I was apparently mistaken! Looks like you are making memories Playboy-style… I wouldn’t expect less!

    It was great to hear back from you and you have fun and stay safe. Don’t bring back any of those weird European STD’s! I envy you and your ability to seek and find adventure. Touche, my friend.


    Tami ;-)

  2. :-) This is my favourite!

    Because, I’ m from Belgrade.

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