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Kelly, Loree, Psarou Beach, and Chrissy

The day after I arrived in Mykonos my friend Kelly and his girlfriend Loree showed up. I met them at their hotel, the Cavo Tagoo (where we of course ended up later), and we took scooters out to Psarou Beach. I went for a little swim there and met someone quite refreshing…

If you want to see another video of Chrissy, check out her solo performance next:



In Santorini I hit a couple nightclubs, took a four wheelin’ tour of the island, and had dinner with a couple Aussies. Of course the island was beautiful. In the video you’ll see the super fast ferry that I took to Mykonos.



Pena (Foam) Party at Blaywatch

Hey! A video shot, produced, and released all within one day! Don’t expect this on a regular basis though.

Check out this foam party at club Blaywatch in Belgrade. I think I paid for everyone to drink free all night. :-P

Lady in red, too bad I didn’t get to talk to you more – maybe next summer…


Ambis Nightclub in Belgrade

I ate some tasty food at Duomo on Strahinjica Bana, then stopped by a small boat party with my friend Marko before we went to Ambis. Jeez!! we should have been at Ambis all night.

Belgrade’s Ada Island Nightlife

I cruised out to a couple bars on the island of Ada with my friend Marko on Friday night.

Small World

OK, I know I’ve been delinquent in updating my site – and I’ll update it soon – but this one just couldn’t wait.

Last night when Marko and I were out at a bar on the river last night a girl walked up to me and told me she met me a couple years ago. It was Dragana, a girl that I met on my first trip to Belgrade in 2005!!!? How crazy is that?!? Here’s a picture of her. Too bad I didn’t get a new picture of her last night. Oh well, maybe I’ll run into her again.


Olympic Airlines’ Belgrade Departure

I don’t quite understand Olympic Airlines response to my question about their absence of Belgrade as a departure city on their online form, considering other online reservation systems and their own phone line offering Belgrade as a departure, but for what it’s worth here it is:

Dear Roel,

kindly be informed that according to our Company’s commercial policy, sales are not allowed in Serbia, regarding online bookings.

Please note that this is going to change, as soon as we start providing e-ticket for routing from/to Belgrade.

Always at your disposal

Best regards

Olympic Airways – Services
Athens Reservations dpt

You are invited to visit our website at or

—– Original Message —–
From: Roel
Sent: Wednesday, July 25, 2007 4:18 PM
Subject: Belgrade as Departure City for Online Reservations

It it an oversight by Olympic Airlines that they do not provide an option to select Belgrade as a departure city at either or If not, why do you not allow Belgrade as a departure city?

Thank you,

European Airline Travel

Recently I needed to buy some airline tickets online for getting to the Greek islands from eastern europe, and I’d just like to list my findings of good european travel sites here in case you are in need of the same.

First of all you should know that there is a distinction between the standard airlines (e.g. Lufthansa, British Airways, Air France, KLM, etc.) and budget airlines (e.g. Ryanair, easyJet, SkyEurope, etc.).

For the standard airlines, there are two main websites: Odopo, which was created by a consortium of european airlines much like Orbitz was in the US, and ebookers. For the particular route that I was looking for (Belgrade to Thira/Santorini) ebookers did not offer flights from Belgrade. Odopo gave a price of $342 for an Olympic Airlines flight (and $256 for another JAT flight). And a third lesser known site,, gave an even higher price of $361.

So I checked, which is a great aggregator although sometimes not all that reliable, and they returned a price of $300 for the Olympic Airlines flight. Kayak’s directions were to book directly through Olympic Airlines. I had however previously checked Olympic Airlines for a flight from Belgrade, and they did not allow Belgrade to be chosen as a departure city. I could however pick a round trip from Thira to Belgrade and see that Olympic Airlines did offer a flight from Belgrade to Thira. For $200! Since I couldn’t book this flight online I called the Olympic Airlines reservation office and they gave me a price of $280. I knew there had to be a way around this. I had to hack the reservations system a little to book the ticket online.

For budget airlines, I found that Skyscanner is the best website to determine if low fare airlines service your departures and destinations.

International Folk Festival

With my luck I of course run into a festival on my first night in Belgrade – The International Folk Festival.

Dinner #2 at the Sarajevska Pivara

Monela and I had such a wonderful time at dinner the night before at Sarajevska Pivara that I stayed in Sarajevo for the third night just to do the same thing all over again.