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Old Fashion

I spent my last day in Milano, Saturday, hanging out with Kristen and taking photos of Il Duomo, including one photo with the white balance a little off.




The night before I left Milano I went to check out the hotspot Nobu, but apparently Nobu is only really hopping during the winter, so I went to outside club Old Fashion instead.



I was going to skip the nightlife in Milano on Saturday after cruising around Lake Como, and just check out the orchestra in the Duomo square. But instead I met a couple girls in the lobby of my hotel and ended up giving them a ride to a couple clubs. Not much footage of the clubs here, but the ride was kind of ridiculous.

Lake Como

If you’ve ever visited Italy you may have noticed that Italians are very excitable. They’ll argue vehemently over anything. After a bitter argument the two (or three or four) sides will shake hands and make up, give each other hugs, and generally act like good friends. Being me, I don’t quite understand all this. To me everything is very black and white, cut and dried.

But this Saturday before cruising around Lake Como and stopping in Varenna I stopped at a gas station to get some gas. Usually I fill up my tank but this was Saturday, this gas station didn’t take credit cards on Saturday, and I had only 30 euros in cash. So I asked the attendant to give me 30 euros of gas. When I left the gas station my tank still read empty. So I, being a little edgy in a new country and not wanting to get taken advantage of, turned around and told the attendant that I didn’t receive any gas. Well, to make a long story short, the situation turned into a huge 20 minute argument with loud voices, spectators being brought into the fray, etc. I really wish I had some footage of that! Anyway, needless to say (because we were in Italy), we shook hands like the best of friends after I decided it was my gauge that was faulty.

Lake Como and Varenna are some of the most beautiful places I’ve seen yet on my trip. Unfortunately the video that I have of Lake Como doesn’t do it justice. Come to think of it neither do the photos, but I’ll show you some here anyway.


If you really must see some more video, here’s the video of me after I got a little shaken up over the pump fiasco:

Armani Supper

Ah, Friday in Milano, the fashion capital of the world. What would a trip to Milano be without a private dinner with Armani designers?

Fashion Cafe

I interviewed some Italian girls at the Fashion Cafe about their favorite things to do in Milan. Shopping popped up again just as it did in Cannes, but that’s no surprise, right? Then I cruised over to another bar, again with my friend Kristen.


One of the best things about Italy is aperitivo. I tested it out this Wednesday with my friend Kristen, who I met through one of my best friends in Los Angeles. It’s a little like happy hour in the US, except in Italy you have only to buy one drink after which you can eat a whole buffet for free. Yeah!

How to See the Sold Out Last Supper by da Vinci

The painting of the Last Supper by da Vinci is sold out months in advance in high season. I never plan ahead, but I did want to see the Last Supper so I had to figure something out. Sometimes you can buy a ticket off of a tour guide at the entrance if they have an extra one. The day I was there this tactic wasn’t working so I went to a bus tour operator because some tours include the Last Supper. Well of course they were sold out too, but I squeezed onto the waiting list and luckily just made it onto the tour.

Warning: this video is boring so don’t watch it unless you are in Milano and can’t otherwise see the Last Supper. ;-)

The Detour to Milano

That fire in the hills above Monte Carlo lead to quite a lengthy detour of hours of hairpin turns. I’ve edited it down to a couple minutes for you though. The terrain was beautiful so focus on the mountains above the road when you can. And keep in mind I did NOT speed up this video…