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Zagreb – Tina and Pirhana

Zagreb, ahhh, I’m finally nearing beautiful-woman-land. I don’t know quite what is up with my lack of photos for this city, but I highly recommend the main square with its trams, etc. for people watching.


I met Tina one night after the bars closed at the main square. Very cute I think.

Despite all the raining, I went out to Pirhana on Wednesday night and found it to be packed!


Krka National Park

I stopped by Krka National Park on my way from Zagreb to Split.

A Mother and Her Son

On Tuesday, my second day in Zagreb, I sat down on a bench in the central park. Soon a widowed woman took a seat next to me. I lost track of time, but over the next half hour or hour she told me her story. Her 40-year old son had recently lost his girlfriend and quickly thereafter his job. Within a couple weeks of losing his job he told his mother that his plumbing had broken and asked to stay with her for a little while. This happened two years ago and he’s still living with her. She needs her own space and has told him several times to leave, but he won’t. She is a little bit ashamed of the situation and has difficulty talking about it with her friends. Some things are better told to a stranger I guess.

Someone call Dostoyevsky – we already have his next storyline. What?? He’s dead?? Nevermind.


Lake Bled

OK, Lake Bled is tied for most beautiful with Lake Como now.



I really loved Ljubljiana. It is the most relaxing capital I’ve seen yet. The entire city was very quiet, cars were rare in the center, and the castle, city, and surrounding countryside were beautiful.




Venezia was a little too hot, dirty, and touristy for me so I stayed only one night.




Since I was feeling a little isolated in Roma, I stayed at a hostel in Firenze and then I was not isolated enough. My companions in Firenze were a bunch of high school kids. Luckily my roommates were cool and we had an outstanding dinner at Il Latini. Along with The David and the Uffizi, that was the highlight of Firenze. As with The Last Supper in Milano there are some tricks in acquiring a timely ticket for Uffizi and Academia Gallery.

Here’s our dinner at Il Latini.

Pari Center

I stopped by the Pari Center for New Learning on my way from Rome to Firenze at the request of my excellent friend Veaney. I met the director, David Peat- a very interesting person. Who knows, maybe I’ll take a course there some day.


La Terrazza

Why is it that the last night in each city is my best? Damn!!

La Terrazza on Saturday night:


On Friday I took a drive down to Pompeii and Positano on the Amalfi coast. If you drive down to Naples beware of the drivers – they’re a bunch of nuts!