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Rastasjon Lake and The Beirut Cafe

On my last day in Stockholm I walked around Rastasjon Lake and went to eat at the Beirut Cafe.

Meze Plate at Beirut Cafe


The Mornington Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden

John let me live at his apartment for most of my stay in Stockholm, but every once in a while I grabbed a hotel. On my fifth night I stayed at the Mornington Hotel. Here’s a little video review of its breakfast and design.

The Night After the Game

On my fifth night in Stockholm we saw a movie, then walked over to a bar in our neighborhood of Solna. Apparently the Swedes just had a football (European) game, and John gives us his commentary in this video.

Skinny Dipping in Stockholm in September!

On Sunday we drove out to the archipelagos again. This time we jumped in the water. Jeez, it was cold!

The Morning After Friday Night

We had a great time Friday night, and as I mentioned earlier we ended up at Hell’s Kitchen. I was a little tired by 4am, but right before I left the club a beautiful girl across the dance floor caught my attention. I don’t know what happened from 4am until 6am, but somehow we ended up in the Porsche driving around Stockholm singing to Romanian music. By the time we were playing Swedish music it was after noon, and even though I was slurring my words and using them incorrectly I was completely sober (well at least my BAC was 0). We picked up her friend a little later and took a Saturday drive out to the Stockholm archipelagos.

Friday night in Stockholm

OK, Thursday night was a little bit of a bust, but Friday night… now that’s a different story! Jon (who cameos in this video) and I met up with all our friends who are living there and did it up right. We started at Anglais in the Scandic Hotel, then hit an outside bar, then Undici, and finally Hell’s Kitchen (with probably a couple more bars in between, but it gets a little hazy).

Russian in Stockholm

I’m fired up to make it to Stockholm. I’ve been here a couple times before, and I’ve had a blast each time. That’s mainly due to my good friend Jon who, as it so excellently happens, is in Stockholm this week also, and is letting me stay at his great apartment in Solna for a week! Here’s a photo of the inside.

Jons Apartment at Rastavagen 5 Solna Sweden

We went bar hopping my first night in town and met a beautiful Russian girl who had been living in Stockholm for several months but unfortunately was leaving for Moscow early the next morning.

On my way to Stockholm

On my way to Stockholm I saw a bad wreck, found a hotel deal in Copenhagen for a night, and saw the sunny Swedish countryside… all at 110 mph again.