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Pena (Foam) Party at Blaywatch

Hey! A video shot, produced, and released all within one day! Don’t expect this on a regular basis though.

Check out this foam party at club Blaywatch in Belgrade. I think I paid for everyone to drink free all night. :-P

Lady in red, too bad I didn’t get to talk to you more – maybe next summer…



Ambis Nightclub in Belgrade

I ate some tasty food at Duomo on Strahinjica Bana, then stopped by a small boat party with my friend Marko before we went to Ambis. Jeez!! we should have been at Ambis all night.

Belgrade’s Ada Island Nightlife

I cruised out to a couple bars on the island of Ada with my friend Marko on Friday night.

Small World

OK, I know I’ve been delinquent in updating my site – and I’ll update it soon – but this one just couldn’t wait.

Last night when Marko and I were out at a bar on the river last night a girl walked up to me and told me she met me a couple years ago. It was Dragana, a girl that I met on my first trip to Belgrade in 2005!!!? How crazy is that?!? Here’s a picture of her. Too bad I didn’t get a new picture of her last night. Oh well, maybe I’ll run into her again.


International Folk Festival

With my luck I of course run into a festival on my first night in Belgrade – The International Folk Festival.