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Are You Gonna Be Part of This Party!

Let me halfway introduce myself and say two things before you try to make sense of this website. My life has always been a little over the top. A childhood Lego obsession grew into an Ivy League masters in engineering; my desire to own a Nissan 350Z grew into the purchase of a Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet; and an effort to make a few extra $$ on the web sprouted into a business that supports the lifestyle I’ve been dreaming about. So it’s fitting that my itch for a new scene morphed from a Hermosa Beach-to-Santa Monica move, into a 6-month European adventure – in my Porsche. Join me to see where this adventure leads.
If you’d like to get a quick overview of the trip, check out the map at the bottom of every page or the Itinerary. There’s four hours of edited video on this site, so if your next couple of days aren’t open check out the Best Of.

Where am I now? Back home in Los Angeles


Last Day in LA

I got to attend Gabe’s birthday party before I took off back to Europe.

Hermosa Beach Sunday Follow Up to 6-man

I biked back down to the beach to see some of the last volleyball in Manhattan Beach on Sunday.

Then I cruised down to Hermosa Beach for the Sunday evening concert and some pole dancing.

Manhattan Beach 6-man Volleyball Tournament

It was rough, but I flew all the way back to Los Angeles for the 6-man volleyball tournament in Manhattan Beach. Here’s some tidbits of what went down that day.

The craziness continued into the night back at the crib.

The Weekend Before Blastoff

This past Friday night I headed up to Penthouse for the first time. The bar has an outstanding atmosphere overlooking Los Angeles and the ocean. I met some good friends up there and had such a good time that I went back on Saturday night. Here’s a video from Friday night.

Saturday afternoon I tasted some incredible wines with Ian Blackburn from Learn About Wine. Then headed to Santa Monica beach. After that I almost didn’t want to leave for my trip.



On Saturday night I had some dinner at Penthouse with some friends. When I was at the bar I saw who I thought was my waitress dressed in different clothes and walking with her friend as if she was a patron. I thought, “That’s strange”, and grabbed her arm to ask for a drink. When she looked at me and asked, “Yes?”, I thought, “That can’t be my waitress”, and said, “Nevermind”. My friend said I should introduce myself, which I did. After she left my friend explained to me who it was, so I apologized when she passed by again. She joked, “Alright, Roel.” I replied, “OK, Jennifer.”

I’m not much of one for asking for photos with celebs, but I figured just one to start off right wouldn’t hurt. I’m glad I did. Jennifer was the coolest person at the bar! Oh, and my waitress was very cool too.