The Weekend Before Blastoff

This past Friday night I headed up to Penthouse for the first time. The bar has an outstanding atmosphere overlooking Los Angeles and the ocean. I met some good friends up there and had such a good time that I went back on Saturday night. Here’s a video from Friday night.

Saturday afternoon I tasted some incredible wines with Ian Blackburn from Learn About Wine. Then headed to Santa Monica beach. After that I almost didn’t want to leave for my trip.



On Saturday night I had some dinner at Penthouse with some friends. When I was at the bar I saw who I thought was my waitress dressed in different clothes and walking with her friend as if she was a patron. I thought, “That’s strange”, and grabbed her arm to ask for a drink. When she looked at me and asked, “Yes?”, I thought, “That can’t be my waitress”, and said, “Nevermind”. My friend said I should introduce myself, which I did. After she left my friend explained to me who it was, so I apologized when she passed by again. She joked, “Alright, Roel.” I replied, “OK, Jennifer.”

I’m not much of one for asking for photos with celebs, but I figured just one to start off right wouldn’t hurt. I’m glad I did. Jennifer was the coolest person at the bar! Oh, and my waitress was very cool too.



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