European/International Car Insurance

Wow, it was difficult finding car insurance for Europe. I called my US car insurance, Progressive. They said they did have European coverage. AAA insurance said the same thing. I called Geico, who works through AIG for European insurance, and they said that they wouldn’t cover a high-value sportscar.

Then I called a bunch of UK and Netherlands car insurance companies. The problem I kept running into was that they required the car to be registered in the country that they were based in. It took me forever to find a company that could insure my car, so in case you’re ever in need of one I’ll let you know who it is. The name of the company that provides european/international car insurance is Centraal Beheer. They’re cheap too! They are costing me half of what my US insurance costs, although I had to purchase a full year.

So the three main barriers in my search were that 1) the car couldn’t be a high-value car, 2) the car had to registered in the country of the insurance company, or 3) a full year of insurance had to be purchased. Let me know if you have any tips on this subject.


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