Hotel Tell in Burglen, Switzerland

On Monday I walked around Zurich a while and got bored, so I took off on a scenic route through the alps. My drive to Burglen took me through the Klausen Pass. The video here has snippets of me talking during the drive, but of course for the most part I was quiet, enjoying the scenery and the sound of the turbo. If you don’t understand why I’m yelling, you’re not alone – you’d have to see it for yourself to understand.

Linthal 1

When in Switzerland what better place to stay than at Hotel Tell in Burglen? In case you don’t understand my muddle-headed ramblings (apparently it’s the altitude ;-) ) in the video, check out the legend of William Tell. The three generations of Gislers that run the hotel, Katja Gisler, Nicole Gisler, and Nicole’s mother, are fun people. Oh yeah, I loved the hotel and its prices too!


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