Das Hippodrom

Thursday and Friday were great nights, but Saturday that’s a-whole-nother ball park! It was a beautiful day – the first day it didn’t rain since I had been in Munich – and it. was. PACKED!

Munchen Oktoberfest on a Sunny Day

Like I mentioned in the previous update, the Swiss ladies offered to give me one of their tickets to eat with them at Das Hippodrom, which happens to be the most exclusive celebrity tent at Oktoberfest. The tickets to this tent have been sold out for months, so I had an excellent hookup. Unfortunately, they didn’t return my calls to them on Saturday. Let me recap:

1) It’s the first beautiful day at Oktoberfest in an entire week (if not all of Oktoberfest),
2) It’s Saturday, AND
3) I’m supposed to be going to the #1 tent at Oktoberfest.

I sure as hell am not gonna miss this one – I don’t care WHAT the Swiss ladies are doing. So I went to the tent an hour early and hung out with the crowd outside. I figured the only way I’m gonna get in is to start asking for a ticket. The second group of people I asked said they had one, but told me that it wouldn’t be much good without a seat. Well, I was hesistant at first to crash their party, but in the end I accepted their offer because they seemed like a really great group. Sure enough – they were some of the greatest people on my trip yet.

One of them told me that his company sells industrial lubrication. I told him a have some marketing ideas. ;-)

As the Hippodrom closed and kicked everyone out I met a new group of friends with whom I headed over to the dance hall of the previous night.

Saturday beer count: 4-5 steins (who’s counting anymore)

Munchen Oktoberfest - Great Friends in the Hippodrom


2 responses to “Das Hippodrom

  1. Was a great evening…long time ago ;-)

  2. Hi! You remember it! Yes, so fun! :)

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