Saturday Night at 90 Degrees and Felix in Berlin

On my fourth night in Berlin I walked outside my hotel to order a bratwurst from the metro station vendor. Shortly after I received it I was suckerpunched by one of the hoodlums hanging out there with his group of friends. It’s a long story but not worth telling. The upshot is that I decided to move to another hotel to protect my (at this point) uninsured vehicle. Alexanderplatz Hotel, with its excellent location, was where I should have been in the first place anyway. I told the receptionist what happened outside the other hotel and he gave me a deal on one of the rooms in his. On second thought maybe the deal was due to my negotiation and insistence that I could get a better price at his hotel online.

After I checked in there I rallied for a night on the town at 90 Degrees and Felix. I definitely recommend Felix.

Suliman, the receptionist, turned out to be a really cool guy. On my second night in his hotel we talked some politics. The next day I picked up my Porsche from the Porsche dealer, who had put on new front tires and a new spoiler, and left for Oktoberfest in Munich! Oh, I almost forgot, one more monument/Porsche photo:

Siegessule and the Porsche

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