Breakfast at the Schlössle Hotel in Tallinn

The morning we arrived we drove off the Ferry straight into town and to the 5-star Schlössle Hotel that we got an excellent deal on at the last second. The breakfast, which wasn’t officially included until the next day, here was quite an experience. The girls serving the breakfast were so friendly. They told Anna and I that we had to drink very large shots of traditional alcohol and wash them down with orange juice – because that’s the tradition here. Hmmm, I don’t know if I believed them completely but it certainly jumpstarted our day with a bang.

Breakfast at Schlossle Hotel

Then we took a walk around Tallinn.

Overlooking the Walls of Tallinn

That night we dined at the best restaurant in town, the Restoran Gloria, to complement our stay at the best hotel. Oh yeah, this is the life!


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