Please leave a comment to let me know of any friends you have in this city. Also, if you have any suggestions on what to do while I am here I love to hear it. Let me know of any hotels, sights, clubs, etc. that you think are unforgettable.

2 responses to “Krakow

  1. Roel do you know Jim from Myspace?

  2. Hi Roel,

    By this time you have arrived to Krakow. I am unfortunately not in Krakow at this time because I’m working on Mr. T a 62 ft. Catamaran sailing the Med. You won’t have a hard time finding something to do or people to hang with because Krakow is abounding with nightlife and beautiful women.

    To start with you should go to the Rynek Glowny and bar hop. the Kazimierz should be your next stop. Maybe my friend Matt can show you around. He’s got a lot of Polish girlfriends. Write me and let me know if you don’t have any connects so far.

    Hope you have a blast!


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