Please leave a comment to let me know of any friends you have in this city. Also, if you have any suggestions on what to do while I am here I love to hear it. Let me know of any hotels, sights, clubs, etc. that you think are unforgettable.

5 responses to “Essen

  1. how firm are your dates? trouble using miles to come those at those spots. still checking.

  2. Hey Roel,

    So I found your business card and checked out your site…nice and crazy -like you! ;)
    But what the hell do you want to do in Essen?!?
    Come to Frankfurt instead, I am back in Germany.

    Have fun,

  3. Meike, the techno music festival named Love Parade is in Essen this year!

  4. HEEEY I LOVE U !!! :D

    We met at the Loveparade my friend and i called you Superman!! :D I`m sure u remember, because both of us cant stop laughing about this shit xD

    You and your steel-body … loool … just SUPERMAN

    LOL oh my god, wont forget this day ever

    VERY VERY nice PARDY oh my god, i`m impressed :D

    and the best of all – i`m just living only 5 kilometers away from the pardy zone :D

    loveparade 2008 has just been marked in my calendar :D

  5. Hello

    It was a great Party in Essen @ the Loveparade
    We have had a lot of fun with you and the crazy people in Essen. Big big party!!! :D
    I don’t forget this 3 days!!!

    We have found quick the A31 (autobahn) back to home

    Have more fun on your trip and good luck

    Greatings Bjorn and the rest of the hotel Petul mates (Bert, Raymond and Renate)

    The Netherlands

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